Broken Link Building

Learn to Spin Broken Links into SEO Gold

Broken Links
  • Why broken links bring quality prospects
  • How Broken Link Building (BLB) works
  • Cherry pick the very BLB prospects
  • Write irresistible broken link pitches
  • Learn the tools to perform BLB at scale
  • Turn BLB into a significant revenue stream

Broken Link Building: How to turn broken links into fantastic link building opportunities” is taught by link building gurus Ken McGaffin and Garrett French.

Broken Link Building Video Course

For only $179, you get:

  • 12 on-demand videos (you can access them anytime)
  • Webinar recording on the process of broken link building
  • Worksheets and step-by-step tutorials
  • Links to detailed broken link resources
  • Real-life case studies
  • Full transcripts of all videos in PDF format
  • Unlimited email support from Ken and Garrett
  • 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked!

Why You Should Love Link Rot

Link rot: it refers to the slow and inevitable deterioration of links on the web when pages are taken down, moved, or just fade away. 

For most people, link rot is nothing more than an annoyance, littering the Internet with dead links that result in the dreaded 404 error.

But for SEO professionals, link rot has given birth to a new and extremely effective way to build quality links. It’s called broken link building (BLB).

Broken link building is a high-octane link building strategy that can help you generate a steady and reliable stream of links from authoritative websites. The process involves notifying a webmaster that their site has broken links – and recommending one or more link alternatives that include your target site.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You find a resources page on the web, relevant to your site that lists and links to a whole bunch of other sites. The person behind the site wants to be helpful and provide these resources for their readers. But such lists – even top quality ones – have broken links and that gives you fantastic opportunities.

Step 2: You use a link checker to find out if there are any broken links in the list (sometimes up to 20% of links on the page will be broken!).


Step 3:  You contact the person behind the site and politely tell them about the broken link. You then suggest an alternative resource. They’ll usually be grateful and will replace the link – and also link to you as a return favor.

How is BLB Different Than Traditional Link Building?

Well, unlike typical “gimme” link requests, you’re doing the webmaster a favor by letting them know there is a broken link on their site. Not only that – you’re giving them an instant solution by suggesting a replacement link!

Also, BLB is a 100% white-hat technique – very low risk – so there’s no worrying about being penalized by Google.

Here are some other compelling benefits of broken link building:

  • It can be performed at scale – so it’s a viable option for agencies as well as in-house teams.
  • Thanks to link rot’s growing prevalence, you have a virtually endless supply of targets.
  • Targets, by definition, already link out to quality resources – so they’ll be likely to link out to replacement content.
  • The research you do to find broken link prospects can be used to create content replacements. 
  • It’s a simple process anyone can learn – so it’s perfect for in-house teams or outsource workers.
  • By helping to replace broken links, you’re actually contributing to a healthier, more user-friendly web.
  • You can turn broken link building into an added revenue stream, charging anywhere from $50 to $600 per link!

At the moment, BLB is a tactic that’s greatly underutilized by the online marketing community. So now is the perfect time for you to capitalize on it!

And best of all?

Broken link building WORKS. After all, no self-respecting webmaster wants their site loaded with dead, road-to-nowhere links. As a result, you can expect a conversion rate of up to 10% using this strategy .

While the process of acquiring links through broken link building is fairly straightforward, there are certain “best practices” you need to follow in order to make your efforts pay off. Approach it without a plan, and you’ll end up wasting your time (with little to show for it).

Our new video course outlines the key components of broken link building and shows you – step by step and with real-world examples – how to generate lots of first-class links with the minimum amount of time and effort.

Introducing a “Crash Course” in Using Link Rot to Attract More Top-Quality Links

Presented by Ken McGaffin and Garrett French, two revered link builders, the Broken Link Building Video Course is designed to help you consistently acquire top-tier links, whether for your own site or your clients’ sites. You’ll learn how to plan and execute BLB strategies that deliver significant and ongoing business returns.

This one-of-a-kind video course is comprised of 12 on-demand videos that explore the key aspects of broken link building. The course also features:

  • Case studies that make it easier to grasp key concepts
  • Worksheets to help reinforce what you’ve learned
  • Links to comprehensive broken link resources
  • Unlimited email support from Ken and Garrett

Learn from BLB Masters

Ken McGaffin and Garrett French, the instructors behind the “Broken Link Building” course, are undeniably two of the world’s most sought-after link building professionals.

Ken is a respected link building consultant and online marketing expert. He’s also the brains behind, the ultimate link building web resource. Garrett is the founder of Citation Labs, a link prospecting and outreach agency. He was formerly chief editor of WebProNews, and has been link building for top brands since 2006.

The Broken Link Building Video Course condenses Ken and Garrett’s collective knowledge into 12 intuitive videos. No fluff. No nonsense. This course focuses only on the skills and the insights you need to make BLB work for you.

A Sneak-Peek at What’s in the Videos

1. How to Profit from BLB: Links are valuable because they improve your rankings and bring you visitors who are actively seeking your products or services. With broken link building, you can find broken links to boost your own sales – or sell BLB as a service to your clients. For agencies in particular, this can be a lucrative additional income stream. In this video, we’ll show you all the ways you can turn BLB into profit.

2. How to Find Red-Hot BLB Opportunities: You could try to find broken links by hand – but that takes serious time. To remedy this, Garrett has built a cutting-edge tool that allows you to find broken links automatically. You can find thousands with a single keyword search in all sorts of markets! We’ll preview his Broken Link Finder tool in this video.

3. Assessing BLB Opportunities: When you’re dealing with thousands of potential link building opportunities, you want to be able to narrow down your list to those with the most potential. We’ll explain how to assess the value of broken links – so you can be sure you’re getting the most “bang for your buck.”

4. Content Substitution: Since link prospects are already actively linking to external sites – you know they’re hungry for great content. We’ll show how you can feed their hunger by recommending quality resources you’ve found during your research (or by offering your own quality content as an alternative!).

5. Pitching Prospects – The tone of a broken link pitch is quite different from a standard link request. You’re already at a great advantage – your pitch email itself is helpful since you’re pointing out a flaw on their site they might not otherwise know about. When contacting webmasters about broken links, your approach should be friendly and helpful. We’ll provide you with a suggested “script” you can customize with your own creativity and personal touches. 

6. Managing Outreach (Parts 1 and 2): – You must be methodical in order to manage thousands of emails at a time – but don’t be too transactional in your approach. In this video, we’ll show you:

  • How to use email templates to make outreach much easier
  • How to connect with people by telling a good “story” in your pitch
  • Why crafting personalized responses can make it easier to win links

7. Toolset and Working Examples: In this video, we’ll demonstrate the tools you need to identify, assess, and approach broken link prospects at scale. They’ve been specifically designed by Garrett – a master of the art. We’ll also show you step-by-step working examples of these tasks so you know exactly what to do to be successful.

8. Using Personas: To build rapport with your target, you must have a solid narrative and personality. If you’re at an agency, you’ll need to create different personas to appeal to the various markets you’re targeting. We’ll give you real examples of personas we’ve used successfully – and share guidelines to help you create your own.

9. Working at Scale: These days, we’re all under pressure to win quality links – lots of them. Garrett has worked with some of the biggest websites in the world across many industry sectors, and has taught them how to work at very large scale. In this video, we’ll explain:

  • What people you need to have to work at scale
  • What software you should be using
  • How to keep your costs to a minimum

10. Monitoring and Reporting Your Success: Keeping tabs on your broken link building progress is essential, particularly if you’re working for clients. This video will cover:

  • How you can set realistic client expectations
  • Tools and software to help you monitor results
  • The pitfalls of reporting to clients (and how you can steer clear of them)

11. Charging for Your Work: Acquiring links through broken link building can be a lucrative process, earning you anywhere from $50 to $600 per link! But to make it work for you, you’ve got to be armed with the right information. What does the market expect to pay? How can you ensure you’re profitable? This video will explore:

  • How to negotiate pricing per link
  • The overhead costs you need to consider (tool subscriptions, hourly workers, your time)
  • How you can repurpose the content in guest posts, linking to it from guest posts as well
  • If content is spectacular then PR could drive it as well

12. Promoting Your Broken Link Building Service: Deemed by many experts to be “the last scalable, white-hat link building tactic,” broken link building can be a real value-add to your service offerings. And once you go through this course, you’ll have the confidence and the skills to promote yourself as an authority in this area. This video will show you how to market your BLB service by publishing articles, answering questions in forums, creating a social media presence, and more.  

Since the “Broken Link Building” course is delivered 100% online, there’s no driving, no calendar commitments, no hassles. Learn at a pace that’s right for you.

All videos and supporting materials will be presented online and be available to you on-demand, 24/7. This will allow you to fine-tune your BLB skills anytime, anywhere, from any Internet-connected device or computer!

You’ll also get unlimited email support from Ken and Garrett – a benefit worth its weight in gold. Both will be on hand to answer your questions and dole out seasoned advice. Where else can you get no-holds-barred access to link building experts?

And as if all of this weren’t enough, all the videos PLUS the email support from Ken and Garrett will be available for a full 12 months after purchase. This will help you put what you’ve learned into action—and start generating impressive results from your BLB efforts!

Who Needs This Course?

The Broken Link Building Video Course is ideal for anyone who wants to generate more traffic through higher organic search engine rankings, or anyone who wants to add a valuable additional income stream to their services. It’s also suitable for:

  • SEO professionals and agency managers who want to add broken link building to their roster of services  
  • In-house web teams for businesses large and small
  • Online marketers of all kinds

Now is the Prime Time to Act

Again, the SEO mainstream has yet to fully embrace BLB as a viable strategy – it’s still one of the “best-kept secrets” of the industry. The window of opportunity is wide open, and the time to learn this craft is now. Participating in the “Broken Link Building” course will give you the edge you need to outsmart your competition and link-build your way to Page 1.   

The concentrated wisdom packed into these 12 videos is priceless, especially when you consider that a single juicy link can be worth hundreds of dollars. And 12 months of unlimited email support from Ken and Garrett? That alone is worth a small fortune.

So it will probably come as a surprise that we’re offering our Broken Link Building Video Course for just $179.

Plus: Get This FREE Bonus (Worth $75)!

Register for the “Broken Link Building” course today and you’ll also get a $75 credit toward a subscription to Garrett’s widely praised Broken Link Finder tool, which starts at $67 per month. Use this robust and innovative tool to:

  • Identify thousands of hot BLB prospects in minutes – not hours or days
  • Find up to 300,000 potential link targets for a single keyword
  • Sort your results by link popularity and relevance
  • Build more authority links like .EDU and .GOV.
  • …and more!

All videos and course materials for “Broken Link Building” are available for download immediately. No waiting for videos to be released each week.

For just $179, you get:

  • 12 on-demand videos so you can access them any time
  • Worksheets and step-by-step tutorials
  • Links to detailed broken link resources
  • Real-life case studies
  • Full transcripts of all videos in PDF format
  • Unlimited email support from Ken and Garrett
  • 30-day money back guarantee – no questions asked

Imagine having a consistently effective link building strategy that you can perform at scale…one that lets you link-build your way to higher search engine rankings, happy clients, and additional revenue. Broken link building is it – and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to use this technique to its fullest. 

Don’t let your competitors get this information first…

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not positively delighted with “Broken Link Building” for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we'll return every penny you paid. No questions, no fuss. 

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